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My First Game

Posted in RPG Session Diary by misterecho on October 29, 2009

Last night (wed 28th Oct 2009) I played my first RPG game.

We played James Bond 007.

James Bond 007 role-playing cover.jpg

My character was based upon a young James Bond. Set in 1967.


The opening scene was a feast in a Latvian gypsies farmstead. We were celebrating the finalisation of a new supply route for anti-soviet partisans.  Agent Gordon proceeded to sneak out of the party with an attractive local. Agent Stuart sat and dined with the Latvian host Mr Zerib. Agent Stuart listened to many war stories from a slighty drunken Mr Zerib, who eventually introduced his daughter to Agent Stuart as the most important thing in his life. The typical drunk proud father, slightly embarrassing his daughter.

Meanwhile Agent Gordon proceeded across the yard into the farmhouse, he began to make himself comfortable with the Latvian woman .

At this point a huge firefight broke out, bullets were peppering through the wooden shutters sending splinters into the. It looked like the lower decks of a 19th Man-o-war. Latvians started handing out weapons from a cache under the floor. Mr Zerib instructed Agent Stuart to take his daugter to the jeep to the north-west of the compound. He told him he will be there in 10 minutes.

Agent Gordon meanwhile was struggeling with a hysterical Latvian woman, eventually resorting to force. He began to carry her unconscious form down stairs when she started to recover and whispering “pistale, pistale”. Agent Gordon then dropped her unceremoniously as he ran back into the room to search out the pistol.

Agent Stuart was given a ww2 era bolt-action rifle and proceeded to escort miss Zerib, out of the feast. With skillful use of stealth, dodging and flat-out sprinting Agent Stuart began to extract them both from the fight.

Agent Gordon met two enemy commandos on the stairs as he tried to escape. He dispatched them with ease and took one of their sub-machine guns. 

As Agent Gordon out the front of the house a streak of gunfire attracted his attention. he could see it was aimed at Agent Stuart as he ran past with a woman. The shots came from just around the corner.

Four commandos were chasing Agent Stuart into the woods. Agent Gordon dispatched two with a short burst of automatic fire. The other two did not hear as they raced into the woods. Agent Gordon successfully approached one silently, and dispatched him with deadly efficiency.

Agent Stuart flanked the remaining commando as miss Zerib readied the jeep. Agent Stuart was completely unaware of Agent Gordon presence as he dispatched the commando. Agent Gordon shouted when he heard the gunfire as he thought Agent Stuart may have been hit. His shouting saved his life as agent Stuart lined up a shot onto his silhouette aborting at the last second.

They aproached the jeep when they noticed mr Zerib running towards them. A few minutes late. before he could reach them he was shot in the back of the head.

Agent Gordon struggled to control another histerical Latvian miss Zerib as agent Stuart careened down the dirt track. Agent Stuarts excellent driving outclassed the approaching enemy jeeps. The secret agents and the young Latvian boarded the fishing boat at the Emergency randez-vous and made a swift escape to Gotland.


This was only 30 mins of a 3 hour game! needless to say I had a blast. Covert surveillance, Close Quarters Combat, Gun fights, car chases, running along the top of trains as they careered through the alps! 


I really could get into this.

Big thanks to Peter and Stuart

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