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Wizards drop Star wars!

Posted in RPG General by misterecho on January 30, 2010

Wizards Announcement here

It’s official, Wizards of the coast have confirmed that they will not renew the star wars license in May. WOTC will no longer sell the books or their miniatures after august.

Eh? What’s happening here? Am I being obtuse when I say “If you cant sell Star wars licensed products what can you sell?”

Selling Star Wars to geeks is like selling warm ale to Englishmen. If Star Wars is an untenable franchise, what state is DnD4e? The Economic downturn has hit my local area very hard. Thousands have been made redundant here.

I didn’t realise it was this bad.

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You have more power than your Government!

Posted in RPG General, Uncategorized by misterecho on January 20, 2010

The boxing day tsunami was a terrible disaster. The online community mobilised, inspiring citizens to donate and contribute in their millions. Citizens donated much more than their respective governments. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Drive Thru RPG has ganged up with LOADS of publishers, If you donate $20 (USD) they will double it; AND give you over a thousand dollars worth of RPG eBooks.

Please help. DrivethruRPG will reward you if you do.

Product Link here:

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[1km1kt] Cyberpunk revival project Banner and Logo Unveiled

Posted in contest, RPG General by misterecho on January 18, 2010

Rob Lang of the free RPG blog has produced some lovely new art to advertise the contest.

Thanks Dr Lang! Head over to  and enter now!

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Posted in contest, RPG General by misterecho on January 15, 2010
Adam Zero

"Adam Zuro" by Chad Michael Ward

I’ve decided to run a contest through 1km1kt. I love Cyberpunk, I want to see it revived. UPGRADED

Here’s my post on the 1km1kt project forum


£30 in Amazon vouchers to the winner!

Cyberpunk is dead. We want to save her! Bring her back and you could win £30.

Here’s what you’ve got to do

  • Tell us here in this thread that you intend to enter
  • Write a Cyberpunk setting
  • Include Keeton as an NPC (Glorious benefactor also acceptable)
  • Submit before 2359Hrs(GMT) on the 30th of June 2010
  • Make a thread here about your game (optional, but we really want you to)


Gamers need rules. Here they are.

  1. No Copyright Infringement (or you die, seriously)
  2. Must include Keeton as an NPC
  3. £30 will be in Amazon vouchers
  4. This is not a team effort. One author. However…
  5. You may use art or system/mechanic with permission.
  6. Must not exceed 30 pages
  7. Must be complete, playable setting
  8. Must be PDF or RTF format (ask for help if you are unsure)
  9. Open to all Professionals and amateurs alike
  10. The judges -WILL- enter but cannot win
  11. I am the law. (The Judges’ decision is final)

Judging criteria

You really, really wanna win £30? Here’s how we’ll judge it.

  • Keeton or Glorious benefactor as an NPC
  • (Goal) Is this game modern Cyberpunk?
  • (Complete) Done?  Is it playable?
  • (Attractive) Is it pretty?
  • (Professional) How much effort went into layout and style?
  • (Extras) Did you include an actual cover, index, character sheet or any other cool things you get in a proper RPG?


Enter Now!

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Kobold Quarterly: A magazine review from a newbie

Posted in Review, RPG General by misterecho on January 13, 2010
Kobold Winter 2009 isssue

First impressions count

My first impression upon seeing the front cover was utter amazement. I always thought Kobold magazine is a fanzine. It’s not.  What immediately strikes you is the art; it’s a very pretty front cover by a Nicole Cardiff called the “Winter Druid”, according to the credits.

 My initial intention was to skip through the magazine, speed read to get an overview. I kept stopping to read articles and letters. The Style is good and the content is excellent. I’m glad to see plenty of Pathfinder specific stuff too. I guess that’s not really a surprise considering it’s the current pet favourite. It’s also the only d20 rule set I own, I love it.

A couple of my favourite articles

The Elves: the fallen ones.

The idea seems to be to reinvent the core races over several issues. This particular issue was focused on the Elves. The Article provides three pages of fluff and crunch. They seemed heavily influenced by Dragonage, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s nice to see the races redone. You could use one of these articles to add unique flavour to your setting, instantly. No conversion required.

The Ecology of the Froghemoth.

This little piece introduces a cool new monster. A  Froghemoth complete with fluff, life cycle, stats and really top quality art. What’s cool for me is the stats are provided for every stage of the life cycle. There’s even a rare variant included “the Electric Froghemoth”.

 Lessons from the shadows: History’s greatest assassins.

This article is about ninjas, seriously. Need I say more? There is never enough ninja.

Spice up your Combat Encounters: the Combat Skill Challenge

The Chatty DM’s first ever published article. It’s full of good advice for a GM fed up with “You kick down the door and are faced with two Orcs, Roll initiative”. All in chatty’s familiar friendly, fatherly tone.

The Conclusion

Feel the love? I’m going to subscribe to a print copy.

Kobold has some amazing art and great content. I would wholeheartedly recommend it. If you play another fantasy system which is not d20, you could mine it for ideas. However it is a d20 mag. It’s just nice to see a RPG exclusive magazine. The last one I seen was a friend’s old (1983) copy of white dwarf.

Oh how times change.

Disagree? comment below.

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What’s wrong with a good ole Dungeon delve?

Posted in RPG General by misterecho on January 6, 2010


I’m getting ready to run my first pathfinder game with my two players. As I’ve been preparing for the game I realise how unfamiliar I am with the whole system. Pathfinder/D&D 3.5 is NOT “rules-lite”. As an inexperienced role-player a 500-odd page rule book like pathfinder is intimidating, especially considering I only have until Sunday to learn it and get an adventure ready.

Ok, time to admit defeat. It’s freaking impossible, the game will be piss-poor and I’ll embarrass myself.

Until I hit a realisation. You don’t need to build an entire world, with cultures, factions, intrigue, political tensions and allegiances. Not yet anyway. If I can get a vague familiarity with the combat mechanic and the skill check resolution system I can run a dungeon crawl. Reference obscure or unfamiliar rules as I go.

100% old school hack and slash

Ok that’s not going to be fun long term. For me anyway. I can add complexity as my knowledge and understanding of the rules gets better. The setting and world can just evolve through play. Don’t get me wrong I love the creative challenge a cohesive setting will present. I just can’t take it on right now.

Perhaps little baby steps, just to start off with.

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