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Wizards drop Star wars!

Posted in RPG General by misterecho on January 30, 2010

Wizards Announcement here

It’s official, Wizards of the coast have confirmed that they will not renew the star wars license in May. WOTC will no longer sell the books or their miniatures after august.

Eh? What’s happening here? Am I being obtuse when I say “If you cant sell Star wars licensed products what can you sell?”

Selling Star Wars to geeks is like selling warm ale to Englishmen. If Star Wars is an untenable franchise, what state is DnD4e? The Economic downturn has hit my local area very hard. Thousands have been made redundant here.

I didn’t realise it was this bad.

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Getting ready for my first GM attempt.

Posted in RPG General by misterecho on November 20, 2009

Star Wars Role-Playing Game 1987.jpg

Ok, it’s my turn to GM. I’m really intimidated but excited too.

I’ve chosen to do star wars D6 by west end games (1st edition) as it’s a universe i have fond memories of, everyone knows and its a fairly simple rules system. Its also one of the very few books i own. 

I’ve used the myriad of resources available at rancor pit. What an excellent Forum. If any of you guys want to get back into starwars D6 head over there! It’s an excellent site.

We have done most of the Character generation over Email. We are raring to go. I have gathered all my plot ideas and possible choices for my custom adventure.

I am going to rely heavily on my improvisation skills. I have no idea what choices my players are going to make! But i’m ready with a list of plot hooks, a couple of possible outcomes, some obstacles to direct them without railroading and a good list of NPCs.

The main idea is to get a good balance between Roleplay and combat. I suppose thats every GMs job. I just need to remember that it’s all about the players having fun, and not running the worst game ever played!

Wish me luck. 🙂

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