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24hr Free RPG writing Contest 2012

Posted in contest, RPG General by misterecho on April 25, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 24 Hour RPG Competition! Hosted at 1KM1KT and sponsored by The Free RPG Blog. This year’s theme is Little Spaces.

If you want a chance to win the £30, here’s what you need to do:

1. Write a roleplaying game set in a very small geography.

2. You must set your game in one of the locations in this list:

  • Research facility
  • Flying island (just one)
  • Zeppelin
  • Nuclear Submarine
  • Fallout shelter
  • Shopping Mall
  • On an infinite waterfall
  • … in a very large cave
  • A 1 mile ringworld
  • On something that falling apart
  • Underwater city
  • Inside a gigantic body
  • On a lake
  • Inside a computer

3. There must be a explicit reason why the player characters can’t leave the geography.

4. Spend 24 hours writing a roleplaying game set in the weeny geography.

4. Make sure you include an NPC called Keeton in your game.

5. Upload your game to 1KM1KT by 00:00 (GMT) 1st July 2012.

6. Make a thread here on 1KM1KT about your game.
(Optional but we’d like you to, please put it in the special 2012 forum.)

7. Check back on Saturday 1st of September 2012 to find out who the winner is, or check on The Free RPG Blog.

What are the rules?
Apart from the list above, you must obey the 24 hour RPG rules. The judge’s decision is final. £30 will be in Amazon vouchers, emailed to you.

I want the £30 to pay my D&D habit! What is it judged on?
Poor you! Our panel of monkeys will be judging you on:

  • Must include an NPC called Keeton
  • Tightness: Does the game feel like it is set in small area?
  • Complete: Is it complete? Could you run it?
  • Attractive: Is it pleasant to look at?
  • Professional: How much effort went into layout and style?
  • Extras: Did they include actual cover, index, character sheet or any other cool things you get in a proper RPG?

I’m late to this party!
That’s a shame, we might run another competition soon. If you wrote a 24 hour RPG but didn’t get it in before 00:00 GMT 1st July 2012 then we’d still like to see it.

I want to do it again!
Enjoyed it so much that you want another go? Are you bonkers? Yes? Then please do! Have another go. Enter as many times as you like! I’m not paying for the therapy you might need at the end of it, though.

I want to keep working on it after time is up!
Please do! Submit what you did in 24 hours and then please do keep going. You won’t get any feedback on the extended game from the judges until after the competition but there are plenty of others on 1KM1KT who can help.

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