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Movie Mashup 24hr RPG Contest: Entries so far!

Posted in contest, RPG General by misterecho on March 8, 2011

Check out the rules and the “Master list” on 1km1kt or the Free RPG Blog

Entries so far!

Indiana Jones + The Maltese Falcon = Space Vs Indy
Ghostbusters + Bladerunner = Ghost Runner: The 9th Layer
Mars Attacks + Wall_E = The Great Garbage War
Aladdin + Ghostbusters = Djinnbusters
Fist Full Of Dollars + Dark City = A Fist Full of Darkness
Home Alone + Robin Hood: Men in tights = Alone in the Woods
West Side Story + Little Shop of Horrors = West Side Horror
Apocalypse Now + Robin Hood = All the King’s men


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