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REVIEW: Dog Town- Free RPG about gangsters

Posted in Review, RPG General by misterecho on November 30, 2009


I’m going to start by saying this RPG is FREE! You can download it at Drivethru RPG, 1km1kt or direct from coldblooded games.

If you want the dead tree version it’s on LULU for cost price.

This is a 1970’s Gangsters and streetpunks Roleplaying game, accordingly the language and themes are for a mature audience.

I’ve been sitting on this review for a while as I really wanted to do a play test as well as a review, but alas i’ve haven’t yet had the opportunity. So I can’t hold it in any longer. I’m like an over agitated bottle of cloudy lemonade, ready to burst.

What a game! For £0.00 you get NINE professional quality e-books, including core rules, adventures and locations with maps. The Layout is easy to read with evocative street language that really brings the setting to life.

Character generation has three options. The first is the crunchy generation using an extensive skills set to get your punk “just right”. The second is to choose a character from the “20 punks” book, which has pre-made characters. But to be honest if you are incapable of creating your own character using the original rules set, even with the Excel spread sheet to guide you like lassy, Go for the lighter version of the rules “Dogtown, stripped”.

I think the author has reached his goal of recreating our favourite gangster films of yore (Scarface, Reservoir dogs etc) with an added dash of GTA.

With the influences of this game so obvious, adventures and plots are never-ending!

I think the only thing requiring a little improvement is the book covers or titles. They don’t make it clear what the book is. For example Dogtown stripped, is this 2nd edition revised or simply a rules lite version. Grenson park, The missing mafioso etc could all have a little subtitle on the cover which says “An Adventure module for Dogtown” or some such thing. 🙂

From a new readers point of view it’s a little difficult to understand which books i should be using and which books do what. Otherwise thats my only little gripe!

Having read this game I want to rob a shark, to pay my smack dealer.

Highly recommended!

I promise I will playtest it soon as I can!

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